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Friday, December 7, 2012

Freaking balls.

I’m REALLY getting tired of seeing your crap in the mumblr tag. Every time someone goes to confront you about the hate you spew to us mumblrs, you talk like we’re telling you what you can and can’t put on “YOUR own blog.” THAT’S NOT WHY WE’RE PISSED AT YOU.

We are mad because you’ve been indirectly attacking mumblrs AND TAGGING IT MUMBLR.
We are mad because you keep posting these high and mighty “opinions” with the intention of putting another mumblr down AND TAGGING IT MUMBLR.
We are mad because you deny and talk more crap AND TAG IT MUMBLR.
We are mad because you MAKE SURE to tag all the asks you get about this situation MUMBLR just so you can get more attention.

THE FACT THAT YOU KEEP TAGGING ALL YOUR HATE MUMBLR SO WE’LL SEE IT IS WHAT IT PISSING US OFF. You can post your opinions on your OWN BLOG all you want! But PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD keep your uneducated opinions and INDIRECT ATTACKS on mumblrs OUT of OUR tag.

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