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Monday, September 29, 2014

I’ll be back regularly when Elizabeth is home, but here’s a little update.

We talked to her for a minute just now. It’s sweet because she really never talks to anyone on the phone, but she’ll talk to us. It was little three year old stuff, her telling us about the dogs being in the kennel and watching a show and having fun at nanny’s. She told us she loved us too. :)

She got off the phone because she had to go potty and my mom told me she was punching herself in the tummy because her poop wouldn’t come out and she wanted to hurry it up, lol.

The recruiter comes over Wednesday to talk to us. Sort of nervous about that.

I’m very overwhelmed with school. It causes me insane anxiety with every assignment and its making it a serious struggle. So glad I am taking the spring semester off. I hope I never have to take a physical class.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apparently for my biology lab I was supposed to provide some shit. Now, they send you a kit so you can do labs at home and I ASSUMED it would have everything I needed. So far, it had. But this time I need masking tape and spinach leaves and I have neither of those things. We won’t have any money until WEDNESDAY, which means I can’t do it until then, which means an automatic 15% grade reduction. Blegh.

I wish I could take a break from school with Elizabeth gone too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Update on me: I am still thoroughly enjoying Elizabeth being gone.

Update on us: Casey going to the army might not be a sure thing anymore, we’ll see on Wednesday.

Update on Elizabeth: Mom said she’s doing great in potty training and doesn’t really care about us at all, lol.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Elizabeth’s first day at my mom’s and I did NOTHING until I went to go see Casey at work and then we took a five hour nap together and I have continued to do nothing since.

I don’t even care, lol.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Casey’s leaving for work and he opens, which means its 4 AM. I was dead asleep and then BAM, I wake up just as he’s done getting ready. My head is killing me and I’m super fucking hot for no reason so now I can’t sleep. Some lame ass shit.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

williamsmama replied to your post “williamsmama replied to your post “williamsmama replied to your post…”

March. He’ be back from basic and AIT march 2nd. So im having my iud taken out in January when hes gone. So its really not that long but im dying with all these babies. Lol.

We’ll like end up waiting until he gets back too. I just don’t know a definite date yet >< And I know, it sucks. Just the waiting, ugh.

thebutterflytales replied to your photo “Throwback… Sunday? Two days old. I miss this.”

It looks so much like her! I know that sounds silly, since it is her lol but a lot of people look nothing like their newborn pictures.

Oh, no I know exactly what you mean! It always amazes me that she does obviously look different but she still looks so similar. I like it, lol.

She’s off to Nana’s.

When I went to say goodbye to her when she was in her car seat, she told me, “I gonna miss you.” Sweetheart. She gave me sweet kisses and was okay until she had to say bye to daddy. She DOES want to go to Nana’s but saying bye to her daddy is different, she always cries. She’s going to have a good time though.

I’ll miss her stinky self, but it’s nice to think about being able to RELAX for once.

Throwback&#8230; Sunday? Two days old. I miss this.

Throwback… Sunday? Two days old. I miss this.

williamsmama replied to your post “williamsmama replied to your post “under the cut because whining…”

Yeahh. When are you waiting until?

Now that he’s joining the army I don’t know. We haven’t talked about it since then. :/ You?