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Monday, July 21, 2014

Aaaand my favorite people in the whole wide world being goofs, ahah. (elizabeths finger is up her nose if you can’t tell)


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Is he wearing his socks?

No lol. His feet are just that pale ahahhahaha.

My favorite people in the whole wide world being cuties.

Also from a few days ago. Probably a week or so ago? Idk lol.

Anyway, that’s Elizabeth being a bird, lol. She loves pretending to be animals - a fish, frog, dog, cat, horse, and most recently, a bird.

The pool in the background is her millionth 10$ pool that our old dog chewed a hole in. We ended up having to give her away because she was just too bored in our back yard and tearing things up. She’ll be happier. Since we no longer have her, when we got a bit of extra money a while back, we splurged on the pool you see Casey standing in. The giraffe works as a sprinkler AND it has an inflatable slide, but of course she doesn’t like the slide lol.

From a few days ago. There’s a place called Wing Stop here with a little game room and Elizabeth LOVED the Mortal Kombat game and like the air hockey game pretty well too.

Bleh. Sorry I disappeared on y’all. Spent the weekend dividing my time between resting by marathoning Dr Who and school work. Sunday was just a busy day with church and I mostly just rested.

TODAY, I am STIIIIIILL sick and I spent the entire day doing school work while babysitting. Literally JUST got done. I started about 8 AM - Elizabeth and I laid down until 730 and I spent a few minutes online after getting their breakfast and all - and then I was entirely done by 330 PM.

This summer semester is no joke, bro.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bee tee dubs, I STIIIIIIILL do not feel good. I’m not AS bad since I got to rest Wednesday, but I’m still more tired (and not just from getting early), throat is still icky with a cough (i actually have to use a small blanket under my pillow to sleep so I don’t cough my lungs up), and my nose is still occasionally runny and sneezy. It’s like a prolonged cold that won’t fuck off.

Colbie Caillat - Try

Casey sent this to me and my mom on Facebook and I thought there were plenty of moms on here who might enjoy it.

(Source: youtube.com)

I find myself thinking about how my mom handled things between me and my older brother and sister when handling stuff between Aiden and Jaxon. My mom always told us if we couldn’t share, we could have it - whatever it was, a game, a ball, didn’t matter. At the same time, if it was just ONE of us causing problems, THAT one would be removed from the game or not allowed to play with whatever it was, and the other two of us could.

That’s basically how I’m doing it with them, but because they’re only six, I give them chances. I’ll give them a reminder and after that, first argument means the game or toy is taken away for an hour, second argument means two, third means three, and if there is a fourth it’s taken away until my dad gets home because then it’s no longer my responsibility. And again, if one kid is listening but the other isn’t, the only one facing the consequences is whoever isn’t listening.

My dad goes between being strict (if one boy is in trouble, they both are, which is super unfair and fuck that) and letting them get their way even if they’re in trouble if they ask nice (like the other day he told them they couldn’t play games until 5 because they wouldn’t stop arguing or something and within an hour, he was letting them play again).

There is an obvious difference in how they treat me and how they treat him. I don’t have half the sharing problems he does because they know my rules and they know I don’t care how much they whine. But he gets tons of problems out of them because he’s inconsistent. And even if he ACTS overly strict sometimes, they know he doesn’t always stick with it.

Whatevs, though, I’m just the babysitter.

Had to make Elizabeth take a nap because she was acting up so bad. Now Abby is walking around fussy - CLEARLY tired - but won’t nap. -_-